Bonita adu permit

All You Need to Know About Bonita ADU Permit

You must verify the Bonita ADU permits before adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property. Before you start building an ADU, you must learn the regulations and procedures for acquiring permits in Bonita. Different municipal rules have an impact on how ADUs are built in Bonita.

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Here are some important facts regarding ADU permits in Bonita that will help you get familiar with the rules before you start building your ADU:

What Is an ADU Permit?

An ADU permit is a sanction that authorizes the construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Bonita. ADUs can provide additional living space for plenty of reasons, such as providing a home for an extended family member or rental income. The City of Bonita has specific regulations related to the construction of ADUs, which may vary slightly from other cities and counties.

What Are the Benefits of an ADU Permit?

An ADU permit offers several benefits to Bonita homeowners. An ADU provides additional living space, which can include a separate or connected guest suite, in-law quarters or apartments, a home office, or a creative studio. This extra living area can provide much-needed rental income or living space for an extended family member, apart from additional space for entertaining guests.

An ADU can also be a great way to capitalize on one’s real estate investment, as additional living space virtually adds value to a property. Besides, ADUs provide extra housing options, reducing the burden on Bonita’s housing supply.

Bonita Regulations for ADU Permits

Bonita has specific regulations concerning ADUs, and prospective ADU owners need to be familiar with the regulations that apply to them. The primary regulations are regarding the size of an ADU, whether or not it is connected to the main residence and the living area zoning of the ADU.

ADUs must be no larger than 800 square feet and cannot exceed the maximum square footage of the principal residence, meaning they cannot add to the building’s total gross area. ADUs must also adjoin the principal residence if the property has an existing accessory structure.

The living area zoning of Bonita should also be taken into account. Bonita is separated into two zoning districts — residential and mixed-use — and the zoning district can determine the building permits and codes that an ADU falls under. Further, there are certain restrictions of ADUs regarding height and density, which must be considered when constructing an ADU.

The Application Process for an ADU Permit

Once prospective ADU owners are familiar with Bonita’s regulations, they can initiate the application process for an ADU permit. The first step in the process is completing a form that is given to potential ADU owners by the city. This form should be filled out and returned to the city’s planning department. After the form gets approved, owners can apply for an ADU permit.

In most cases, the application process requires a complete set of plans which must include a site plan, design drawings, and documents detailing any additional building requirements. These plans should be completed before filing the permit application.

Once the applicants have submitted their applications and plans to the city, the city will review the documents for compliance with building and zoning codes; the application may be rejected if it does not comply with the relevant building and zoning codes. If the plans are approved, a permit will typically be issued within 1-2 weeks.


An ADU permit is a door opener for Bonita homeowners to capitalize on their real estate investments and provide additional living or rental space. Prospective ADU owners in Bonita need to familiarize themselves with Bonita’s specific regulations and codes for ADUs, as well as the application process for obtaining an ADU permit.