Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginners Guide


Dayara Bugyal is regarded as one of India’s most stunning meadows. In the local dialect, “Bugyal” refers to pasture land at high altitude. Because of the highland meadows, Dayara Bugyal is regarded as one of Uttarakhand’s most beautiful and breathtaking treks. Dayara Bugyal is an easy trek in terms of difficulty, making it ideal for novices.

Dayara Bugyal is in the Uttrakhand District of Uttarkashi and is at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet (3048 meters). This trek in the Garhwal Himalayas has become one of the most popular trekking routes because it leads to a huge meadow that is covered in lush greenery.


The Barsu village is where the Dayara Bugyal trekking begins. Trekkers can stop and take pictures of the picturesque scene of a flowing stream while taking in the stunning views. The trekking trail that leads to Dayara Bugyal continues on into a lush forest of maple and oak trees. There are no animals there other than a jovial mountain dog that might accompany you on the hike. Along Barnala Tal, there are excellent opportunities for camping. The forest starts to disappear as you climb higher, and all that remains is a Dayara Bugyal meadow that is wide, sprawling, undulating, and lush.

Dayara Bugyal Trekking Tour Highlights Camp on the Barnala Tal lakeside to unwind and enjoy some quiet time.

Trek through the trails through the oak and pine tree forest and meet wild animals.

Notice snow covered tops like Bandarpooch (6,316 m), Bhagirathi (6921 m) and Dark Pinnacle (2,734 m).

The best time to visit Dayara Bugyal Trek is between April and June (summer) and October and December (winter). The weather is still pleasant; It’s not too hot or too cold. Peaks can still be seen in the summertime. It’s best to bring lightweight woolens.

The Monsoon: One of the best times to go trekking is also one of the worst because there is a chance that roads will be blocked by landslides, but the beautiful view is worth the risk.

In Winter: The winter is the best time to go trekking because the area gets a lot of snow in December and January.

Where is Dayara Bugyal located?

Dayara bugyal, one of the most stunning grasslands in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, can astonish anyone with its beauty. Dayara bugyal covers 28 square kilometers and is located at an elevation of 3340 meters. It can be reached easily by trekking 9 kilometers from Barsu village.

Dayara Bugyal Trek (Detailed Itinerary) Day 1:

 Delhi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh Other Benefits (On Arrival) Meal, breakfast, and transportation to and from a five-star hotel are included. At 6:55 in the morning, board an AC train for Haridwar.We should arrive in Haridwar by 11:25 p.m. Our representative will greet you upon arrival and assist you with your road trip to Rishikesh and hotel check-in. Evening is allowed to investigate the close by region all alone. Every evening at sunset, the Ganga Aarti, a ceremony with chants, lights, and floating butter lamps, is worth watching. Stay at the hotel for the night.

Day 02:

Drive from Rishikesh to Barsu (225 km, 7-8 hours) after breakfast via Uttarkashi to Sangamchatti. The drive follows the Ganga and then the Bhagirathi rivers, and the view is as expected breathtaking. The picturesque hamlet with a view of the vast Bhagirathi valley will be our destination. Stay the night in a tent or guesthouse.

Day 03:

After breakfast today, we will trek to Barnala Bugyal, which will take us 6 km/3 hours. A strenuous climb through thick oak and rhododendron forest will be required for this. During this forest trek, we will be able to see mountains like Draupadi Ka Danda from several locations. Additionally, small ponds and the summer shelters for cattle herders known as Chhanis can be observed in this area. Tent for the night.

Day 4:

 Barnala Bugyal to Dayara Bugyal (6 km, 2.5 hours): The trail that leads to Dayara Bugyal’s alpine meadows will pass through pine forests on its way today. We will establish our camp and spend the night here.


Day 05: 

Dayara Bugyal: This day will be spent exploring the vast and undulating Bugyal, which is surrounded by numerous streams. It should be noted that the lack of oxygen makes walking here a little difficult. As a result, we’ll take a leisurely stroll as we take in the various picturesque features of this location. Here, you can see rare birds of prey like the Griffon and Lammergaier. in tents for the night.

Day 6: 

Dayara Bugyal, Barsu, and Uttarkashi After breakfast, we will descend a steep path to Barsu village. In Uttarkashi, we will arrive at a village that was destroyed by the 1991 earthquake. The powerful impact of the earthquake can still be felt here. Drive to Uttarkashi for an overnight stay from here.

Day 7:

 Delhi (by train) – Haridwar (190 km) – Uttarkashi (190 km) We will drive from Uttarkashi to Haridwar and then proceed to the Haridwar railway station to catch the 18:05 p.m. train to Delhi. Reach Delhi by 22.45 p.m.