How to Draw a Cartoon Apple 

How to Draw a Cartoon Apple

Draw a cartoon apple in Just 6 Easy Steps! There are many good fruits to enjoy, and they have the double advantage of being tasty and very good for you! You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing ideas, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

All fruit lovers have their favorite types, and apples are a common contender for the most beloved fruit. They are also commonly depicted in drawings and other artwork, and we will show you how you can do that in this guide on drawing a cartoon apple. By the end of the six steps in this tutorial, you’ll see that drawing a cartoon apple can be easy and a lot of fun! If you follow all the steps, you’ll create your apple images before you know it. So whip up your favorite fruit snacks while you work through our step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon apple in just six fun and easy steps!

How to draw a cartoon apple – allow’s reach formed!

Stage 1

Apples may look simple, and on the surface, they are quite simple in shape. Despite this, they can be surprisingly difficult to draw because you need to get the shape right to look natural. That’s why we’ll break it down into simpler steps throughout this guide, as it will show you that it can be quite simple! For the first step in this cartoon apple design, we’ll start with the left side of the apple. Try to examine this first half carefully in our example because you’ll see what the overall shape will look like. It will be rounded at the top, and the rounded section at the bottom will be much smaller. With this first half drawn, we can move on to the next part of the guide.

Step 2: Create marking the following section of the apple.

When you look at a real apple, you’ll see a small jagged section at the bottom. This is what we will be drawing in step 2 of this guide on how to draw a cartoon apple. First, draw another small rounded section next to the old one you drew earlier. Next, we’re going to extend the right side of the apple. This line will be slightly curved and angled outward, as shown in the reference image. That’s all for now, and we’ll add more to the schematic in the next step.

Step 3: Now draw the rest of the outline of the apple.

For the third step of our how to draw a cartoon apple guide, we will fill in the outline of the apple. All you need to do to do this is draw an additional curved line from where the line previously ended. It will spin up, around, and then down until it almost touches the other line on top of the apple. There will be a small gap here, and you’ll understand why in the next step!

Step 4: Remove the branch of the apple.

Apples often have a large stem where they are pulled from the tree, and we’ll draw one of those now. This will also show why we left that little gap in the previous step! The stem is drawn using curved lines to form a very thin stem at the base and wider at the top. At the base of the stem, add a small curved line like the one in our reference image. Then we can add some finishing touches in the next step!

Step 5: Now add the final details of this cartoon apple design.

It’s time to complete some final touches and details for this apple before adding some beautiful colors in the final step. You must remove a leaf on the limb utilizing round bars with a tapered spike at the rear. This will have some curved grain details to finish it off. You are then free to add your final details! You can draw a background or fruit to sit next to the apple. There are also fun details to add, like a cute worm coming out of the apple! These are just a few ideas, but what else can you think of for this cartoon apple design?

Step 6: Finish Your Apple Cartoon Drawing with Color

This is the last step of the guide, and there we will complete the design with some color! Apples can come in different colors, and we used a nice red color scheme in our reference image. Instead of using a single shade of red, we incorporated darker and lighter sections to create shadows for the apple. They will also show where the light comes on.