Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker | 2 piece Barrel | Shop Paintball Gun Marker

The Small scale GS is in the event that not one of the most well-known electronic mid-range paintball firearms of all time. The Smaller than-normal GS is known for hushing up, effective, steady, and simply dead solid. The Little GS like its name would propose is little which makes it extraordinary for children of more modest players. It’s additionally perfect for new players as a result of its straightforwardness and unwavering quality.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker | 2 piece Barrel | Shop Paintball Gun Marker

Alongside the demonstrated bolt arrangement of the Small GS, the Scaled down GS likewise incorporates a full fold-over front elastic hold. The elastic foregrip and back grasp assists you with keeping a decent hold on your marker, in any event, when your hands are shrouded in mud or paintballs. The Small GS likewise includes an on/off ASA (air source connector), which permits you handily shut off air streaming to the marker at our best price of $424.95 USD.

The Realm Mini  GS is the up-and-coming age of a paintball marker legend. The group at Realm has taken the demonstrated Scaled marker stage and planned and created it to be far superior. Notwithstanding the fight demonstrated Smaller than normal motor the GS incorporates a full fold over elastic foregrip that makes a safe grasp and insurance from paint and the components. The Smaller than normal GS additionally adds an On/Off ASA that kills any string issues and makes for smooth evacuation of your tank.


  • Pressure-controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Multiple adjustable firing modes (incl. PSP, MILL)
  • Wrap-around foregrip for protection from elements and increased grip
  • Venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever
  • Uses through-grip air transfer for no external air hoses
  • Micro-honed, ported aluminum barrel
  • Only two hex wrenches are needed for all screws
  • New 2 Piece Barrel System
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This is a listing for a used Empire Mini GS paintball gun.

This marker comes with everything shown in the pictures. This marker has very little wear on it from being used out on the field. It has been tested by our factory-trained technician and was found to be in perfect working condition.

The key features of the empire mini gs marker include the extended two-barrel system that adds two inches to the previous model. The longer paintball gun is also ready to shoot out of the box since not much preparation is required. Additionally, the firepower is impressive and can deliver up to 275 fps as soon as you unbox it, and practice can help improve this rate you can achieve all paintball markers to shop paintball equipments.

If you pair them with a 45/4500 high-pressure air tank, the paintball guns can offer better performance. Aside from improved operation, the tank will let you fire about 100,000 paintballs before it runs out. In addition, the tank capacity is better than the old empire mini.

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