Gate Automation in London

Gate Automation: What Are The Best Options And How To Choose The Perfect One?

Gate automation systems were only seen in government buildings. Increasingly, these automation systems have been incorporated at all sorts of properties. The aesthetic appeal added security, and ease of use make this system a very popular choice among homeowners.

The operation of gate automation is still a mystery to a number of people. How exactly do they work and what options are available in the market? 

Today, we are going to look at the basics of gate automation in London

What Is Gate Automation?

Game automation signifies the combination of gates and the automation system. Since it’s a combination of separate components, new machinery is designed. It includes a motor to move the gates, controllers to give the installation to open and close the gate and a wide range of security devices that help to prevent possible mishaps from happening.

Different Types Of Automatic Gates Available In The Market

  • Hydraulic Rams
  • Threaded shaft gate motors
  • Articulated ram motors
  • Underground motors
  • Sliding motors

All these have their own features, now it’s up to you which is the best-suited option for you. For better understanding, keep reading.

Things To Consider While Opting For automatic gate installation

With several options available in the market, it is very easy to struggle with indecisiveness, especially given the long-term and high-cost implications of such decisions.

Several things need to be considered before you narrow down the right kind of gate automation in London for your place of business or home. It involves the material, features, technology, installation, support and many more.

Determine The Safety And Security Requirements 

This is the very first thing that needs to be considered when you are opting for automatic gate installation. There are a number of automatic gate companies that offer different automatic barrier gate systems. 

The primary objective of gate automation seems pretty simple and straightforward, that is restricting intruders from accessing and protecting your property whether it is residential or commercial premises. But, it is very important to consider the other aspects like the frequency and nature of the activity in the surrounding vicinity and the safety measures needed to counter the same. 

Determining the threat matrix is very important before you opt to plan for any safety measure, if not, even the premium security infrastructure can fall into disuse and neglect.

Space, Size And Location 

When you have a clear understanding if your safety and security needs and where actually the automated gate installs into the equation, now it’s time to consider the other aspects. It mainly involves the perfect size of the gate to actually deter intruders, in conjunction with the space available for the gate motor installation at the best possible place.

Keep in mind that decisions will have long-term implications. For instance, a heavy and large gate takes more time to open and close and therefore is not best suited for premises that get high traffic.

The materials

The materials and make of the automatic gate matter a big deal when ascertaining its capability and sturdiness to endure blunt force. A[art from this, the materials used should be conducive to the broader climate of the area. Coastal areas with high moisture will not take well to iron, enhancing the chances of rusting and weakening pretty quickly.

There are certain options available that are specially designed for harsh weather conditions, capable of enduring strong rainfall and storm or high temperatures. 

So, as a buyer, it’s very important to take expert advice before you opt for gate automation. One can easily consult with different automatic gate installers. 

Shop Around For the Best Options 

The market for automatic gates remains highly unorganised, with high price differences and massive margins, depending on the automatic gate company or automatic gate installer. To get the best deal, it is always a wise choice to do proper research. It will help you to end up with a good experience. 

Can you automate an existing gate?

In the majority of the cases, the answer is YES! Automation can easily be added to almost every existing gate. If your gates have hinges that face each other, then it’s the most simple job. And in case your gates have hinges that are not facing each other then you have to go for additional brackets or other metalwork to be fitted.

Can thieves open automated gates?

Automated gates are designed to offer high-end security that helps business owners and homeowners have peace of mind. But, at times, the automated gates can fall victim to hacking!

Final Thoughts

Opting for automated gates is always a good notion to enhance the safety and security of your property. You decrease the potential risk of thieves walking up to your space and make it pretty complicated for someone to get access through the game automation.