Wedding Saxophone Player Dublin

Hiring a Wedding Saxophone Player: Tips, Advice And How To Book!

Saxophone music has got to be some of the most amazing sounds around and it’s also highly versatile and best for several events and occasions. This is best suited to musical genres like rock or jazz, however, can also work with other styles of music as well. We have created this guide to give you the best advice and tips before moving ahead and booking a saxophone player for your wedding or your special event.

What Events Are Saxophone Players Best Suited For?

As saxophone players can perform different musical genres, they can be hired for a lot of different occasions and events excluding the wedding ceremony. Book a saxophone player for –

  • Birthday Party Entertainment
  • Corporate Event Entertainment
  • Cocktail Reception Entertainment
  • Dinner Party Entertainment
  • Gala Entertainment
  • Fundraisers

What Does A Wedding Saxophone Player Do?

A saxophone player is a talented musician, generally with several years of expertise and experience at not only playing the sax but also performing at wedding ceremonies or other special occasions and events. A saxophone player will perform either on their own or within a group, playing a significant variety of music. If you want something tempting, you can request some fast-paced jazz music or a saxophone player can provide a much better performance that is best suited for the occasion and ambience. 

A simple tip- Before you opt to hire a wedding saxophone player or a saxophonist for your special event, do not forget to check their musical repertoire to assure that they will be able to play what you envisage for your special day or occasion.

How Much Does A Wedding Saxophone Player Cost? 

Every saxophone player has their own fee structure depending on a lot of aspects, including the date of the wedding, location and also on their respective experience. Someone who is just beginning is possibly charged less than a professional wedding saxophonist with some experience. Before you opt for hiring a wedding saxophone player, it is always recommended to visit their official website and check out their price guide. In case you don’t find it on the website then feel free to ask for the charges. 

What Needs To Be Considered While Opting For Saxophonist Wedding Hire?

There are a number of questions you may want to ask your wedding saxophone player before booking, but we’ve put together some of the most important questions that hello you make an informed decision. Simply check out:

  • Are you available to play on the date of my wedding or a special event?
  • How much experience and expertise do you have in performing?
  • Do you have public liability insurance for your performance?
  • How long will you perform at my wedding ceremony?
  • What music can you play in your repertoire?
  • How much deposit do you need to secure your performance?

These are the most probable questions you want to ask your chosen wedding saxophonist. Do not hesitate to ask anything you have in your mind. 

How Long Will A Saxophone Player Perform For?

Every saxophone player will have their own set of times and can generally accommodate any kind of occasion. But, when it comes to jazz sax players, they perform for a couple of hours with limited breaks in between depending on their expertise and experience. The best thing to do is to check with your selected saxophone player to assure they can perform for your event.

How To Choose A Wedding Saxophone Player?

Before you opt to book a wedding saxophone player, it is always recommended to visit their official website. Feel free to browse through all the entertainer’s profiles, along with their biographies, expertise, experience, and testimonials. Do not forget to check their video or audio samples. Any professional saxophone player would be delighted to show off their performance. 

Once you checked out different platters, now it’s time to shortlist according to your preference and choice. You can easily get in touch with them and if you want to talk to them on phone, through Facetime or even in person, they can be easily organised. This is always good if you can meet the player before you make the booking. It will help you understand whether they are well-fitted for your event or not. 

Make sure to be weary of any actions that claim full payment upfront. Usually, you will find a deposit amount that is quite enough to secure your wedding or event date. The most crucial thing to take into account is that they can perform the type of music you want for your wedding ceremony or special event.

Final Thoughts

This comes to the end of the “Hiring a Wedding Saxophone Player in Dublin, Tips, Advice And How To Book”. We hope this guide will help you choose and hire the best wedding saxophone player. If you consider all the above-mentioned tips and advice, then you will definitely end up with a good experiWedding Saxophoneence. Best of luck.