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How to Prepare For a Colonics Session

Colonic irrigation can help cleanse your colon and rid your body of unwanted toxins. There are several ways to prepare for a colonic treatment, such as changing your diet and drinking water. For those who need support with their gut health, then a colonic irrigation can help put you on the path to holistic gut health. If you’re looking for advice on colonics Brisbane residents can rejoice! This blog examines everything you need to know so you can prepare for a colonic!

What are the benefits of colonics?

You can get a specialist to cleanse your colon via irrigation techniques. You can visit a number of colonic irrigation specialists throughout Australia, especially in Brisbane, Queensland. 

There are many benefits to having a colonic irrigation. It can rid your body of unwanted toxins, improve overall gut health and general health. It can also help clear your head and give you more energy, as your body isn’t spending energy on the colon. 

Tension headache relief is another great benefit of getting your colon flushed out. This is because the bacteria in a colonic cleanse clears out the unwanted waste in your colon, which in turn can relieve tension headaches.

They can also clean your intestines of toxins, which is another advantage. Inflammation and other health issues in the stomach are caused by toxins. You can reduce the risk of these issues if your colon is cleansed from unwanted toxins in your colon.

What are the steps to take before a colonics session?

Before booking in your colonic appointment, there are several steps you can take to have ineffective experience. For starters, do your research on the advantages of having your colon cleansed.  It may be a terrific way to improve your general health and wellbeing.

You should then make an online appointment. This means you can plan your actions for pre-irrigation and post-irrigation. Now that you’ve booked your appointment, you should alter your diet to include fibre-rich foods and plenty of water. This will allow more waste to come out during the irrigation process.

How does it work?

Cleansing your intestine, which is part of the interior of your stomach, is a common purpose for colonic irrigation. Your health will normally be evaluated before the treatment, which may include the specialist asking you a series of questions about your diet and lifestyle. 

After that, the specialist will lie you down on a table, making sure that you feel safe and comfortable. They will then gently insert a tube into your bottom and slowly pump warm water through the tube. This allows the specialist to start cleansing your colon of any unwanted waste. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, your specialist will do what they can to help you feel relaxed.

Some specialists might massage your stomach during the procedure. This can help with the process of cleansing your colon.

What happens after a colonic? 

After a colonic, you might not feel the great effects straight away. And that’s okay! You might feel dehydrated and a bit bloated, but these side effects are perfectly normal. You might also experience some abdominal pain or cramping, as well as perianal soreness. If the side effects don’t clear up within a week post-irrigation, then consult a medical professional for advice on what to do next.

After your colonic, it’s important that you drink plenty of water and eat a gut-friendly diet moving forward. This will help improve your digestion and gut health in the long term!