How to Use Email With SMS Marketing to Increase Local Business

How to Use Email With SMS Marketing to Increase Local Business

An email was sent for the first time in 1971, and since then, digital communication has advanced at an exciting rate. By 2025, it’s predicted that there will be 4.6 billion email users or more than half of the world’s population.

The email has been a common marketing tool since the 1990s. Since then, it has solidified itself as one of the best strategies for interacting with customers directly. Email is now recognised as the marketing tool with the highest return on investment.

Email marketing: What is it?

Sending emails to your customers is the process of email marketing. Either to develop a relationship with them or to promote your goods and services. It’s a fantastic way to communicate with customers and foster loyalty. Providing yet another means of promoting your goods and services. It’s a fairly straightforward idea. Finding the ideal balance between sending too many emails and not sending enough is crucial, though.

SMS marketing: What is it?

A text-based messaging service is known as Short Message Service or SMS. You can use it to send text messages to mobile devices. SMS marketing is a type of advertising in which customers are contacted via SMS.

A variety of text-based messages can be sent to your customers using SMS marketing. By way of text-based offers, surveys, and advertisements, as an illustration.

Sending text-based notifications to your customers is another way that SMS marketing can be used.

What do SMS marketing and Email marketing have in common?

Permission-based marketing applies to both SMS and email campaigns. Businesses must obtain recipients’ consent to legally market to either of these channels.

Although it may seem challenging, one advantage of opt-in marketing channels is that customers have already expressed a desire to hear from your business. They might therefore be more receptive to the information you share with them, which could increase the effectiveness of your investment.

What Email marketing strategies can local businesses use?

Local businesses can use email marketing for a variety of purposes, including the following. Email marketing is a non-intrusive way to stay in touch with your audience.

  • Distributing newsletters
  • Invitations to events for subscribers.
  • Promoting discounts and sales.
  • Sharing knowledge about goods and services.

Most local business owners recognise the value of ramping up their marketing initiatives in time for the holiday shopping seasons, but there are numerous benefits to being consistent all year long.

Why combine Email and SMS Marketing?

A straightforward yet effective marketing strategy is what you get when you combine SMS and email marketing.

SMS-based email marketing is effective, timely, and easily scalable. It can convey the appropriate messages to your customers at the appropriate times, improving engagement and providing a significant return on your investment.

Here are a few noteworthy advantages of combining SMS and Email marketing.

High ROI 

Email marketing is very affordable and has a high return on investment. Email marketing is frequently among the most cost-effective marketing channels you can use. To give you an idea of the return on investment for email marketing, a recent report from Litmus discovered that you will make about $36 for every dollar spent or a 3,600% ROI. Google advertising, in contrast, only has a 200% ROI.

Clients Anticipate Emails

When they opt in, people at the very least anticipate receiving welcome emails and emails regarding their purchases. Recent email open rates show that more than 80% of customers read welcome emails. However, the majority of people also anticipate receiving occasional promotional emails from their favourite businesses.

This is possibly the most typical way for people to learn about sales or offers, along with social media.

Improved Segmentation and Outreach

You can also increase your customer base by promoting the same message through various marketing channels.

You can monitor engagement and open rates when you use both channels. By segmenting your users based on this data, you can send them marketing messages through the channel they prefer.

This raises consumer satisfaction with your brand’s marketing efforts and lowers your risk of being reported as spam or added to a do-not-call list.

The benefit of SMS and Email Marketing

Email and SMS are the easiest ways to advertise brands and draw in customers. When a person is prepared to learn more about a good or service, they prefer to receive marketing content.

  • The best way to reach your customers when they’re ready to buy is through email to SMS Australia. It’s among the quickest and most effective ways to develop your brand. Moreover, to reach your intended audience with your message.
  • Sending personalised emails can help you convert customers before they make a purchase.
  • You can send marketing messages to your audience using SMS marketing. When they are most likely to interact with them, this is helpful.
  • Text messages are a great way to quickly communicate with a large number of people. That explains why they are used for marketing by so many companies.
  • The most widely used direct marketing strategy is email.

Including SMS in your Email marketing strategy

SMS has a much higher open rate than email, despite having a higher return on investment. Contrasted with an average open rate of less than 25% for email, 98% of SMS marketing messages are opened.

SMS is a great way to reach your potential customers because of its incredibly high open rate. Furthermore, research data reveals that 78% of customers want to text businesses, so there is no excuse not to adopt SMS.

Two engagement strategies that are expanding are SMS and email marketing. Companies, however, can gain from realising how their differences can be strategically exploited to develop an omnichannel engagement strategy that both generates buzz and alerts customers about impending events or campaigns.

Find a platform that you like for SMS and email marketing to get started right away. Then, start creating your email templates and watching tutorials so you can send out messages that are of a professional calibre and accurately represent your brand.

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