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Mixhubb Vs Airmeet : Which One Is The Better Webinar Platform ?

With the rise in demand for online services, the number of options to host your event is also increasing exponentially. In addition to this, most of small and medium companies are looking for cost-effective solutions among all of them. While working towards a similar goal of getting maximum engagement possibilities, online platforms have become the most preferred choice for the online audience.

Webinar services are helping businesses to showcase their products and services at the global level. This blog is about a healthy comparison between two of the leading service platforms for hosting on demand webinars. In addition to this, we’ll also list which one is the best pick for your event toward the end of the blog.

Webinar Services: What’s Special About Them?

Webinar presentations are a two-way interaction between the audience and the host that happens over the internet. With the help of webinar platforms, audiences can connect to the session from any part of the world. However, they do need an active internet connection and a compatible device to join the session.

The session is full of information and knowledge about the brand or service. The information can be conveyed to the audience in the form of pdfs, presentations, audio, and visuals. Webinar sessions have many benefits. Some of the prominent benefits of these services include – the generation of leads, the sales funnel, a higher global reach, ease of convenience, and much more. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive deeper into Mixhubb and Airmeet functionality.

Mixhubb:One of The  Most Promising Webinar Platform

Platform Description 

Mixhubb is an all-in-one solution for catering to all types of event requirements. Whatever the size of the event, this platform provides best-in-class features to boost the productivity of your session. It is basically a self-managed platform on which you can host your events on your own. It is a highly scalable platform that is very flexible to use and simple in terms of customization. In addition to this, Mixhubb has a lot to explore, like webinars, video conferencing, conferences, and live studios. The platform has the trust of well-established brands like Lenovo, Tech Mahindra, GSK, and many others, which makes it a credible platform to rely on.

Platform Features

With so many features to offer, this platform is quite different and unique from conventional ones in terms of providing service and support while hosting the session. Let’s quickly look at some of them –

  • The platform consists of a professional broadcasting studio to make your session live with its streaming services as well. In addition to this, for hosting on demand webinars this platform is a perfect choice. 
  • With the inclusion of astonishing networking options such as live chat, video calls, live polling, and real-time feedback, the platform works well while getting maximum audience engagement throughout the session.
  • The exhibition booths are purely customizable right from the very beginning. In addition to this, you can even modify the lobby design, make attractive landing pages and do a lot more from this platform.
  • With its powerful analytics tool, the tracking of the live event has gone much easier for the event sponsors. In addition to this, conducting post-event surveys for getting valuable feedback from the audience can also be done on Mixhubb.
  • The platform supports the creation of attractive registration pages for capturing the valuable data of the event attendees. In addition to this, it also allows users to build their own microsite by picking templates from its library.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this platform is its integration with thor party apps and platforms. Furthermore, it is very important if you’re going to monetize your event and integrate any payment gateway for the same.

Airmeet: A Platform For All Types Of  Event Requirements

Platform Description 

One of the top platforms for hosting online events, Airmeet is a name that can be used for a variety of needs, including webinars, conferences, meetings, networking events, and online seminars. The user-friendly design of Airmeet, a fully cloud-based online solution, makes it incredibly simple for event organizers to navigate the platform and access the event.

Platform Features

  • The attendee can easily sign up for the event without having to worry about the login process through any application or other sort of download.
  • the location of the actual meeting. Joining a table would allow you to meet a variety of people and engage in video chat. Alternately, shuffle about the room until you discover “your folks.” Networking before and after your program helps your participants form genuine connections.
  • As the number of attendees grows, Airmeet events can automatically expand up without sacrificing quality., which can manage up to 1M connections, powers video communications on Airmeet.
  • You can rely on your communications being secure thanks to end-to-end encryption, GDPR compliance, and cloud storage. Conversations are kept free of spam thanks to guest authentication and chat moderation.
  • With no program installer, Airmeet ensures that no one is eavesdropping on your data or demanding permission to take over, which is an intriguing additional technique to make it safer.

Which One Is The Best Pick For You?

The best pick among the two depends on the event requirements, the type of features to be included in the live session, and the audience’s expectations from your event. However, in terms of pricing, both Mixhubb and Airmeet are slightly less expensive when compared to Airmeet’s charges. In addition to this, the event objectives are crucial parameters before making any choice.

 Summing Up

A webinar service is very important for creating an interactive environment. On the other hand, audience engagement is crucial for businesses’ growth and development. Neither of the above two platforms is the worst for picking up, it is only the event type, audience size, and session goals that are important factors.

However, for hosting on demand webinar sessions, Mixhubb can utilize your resources to the maximum extent, giving you the best possible outcome.