Mulan coloring pages

Mulan coloring pages. Disney’s animated films have dealt with many different settings, stories, and characters, but Mulan still stands out. This film is inspired by Chinese legends and brings a unique round to classic history. Our collection of free Mulan paintings for children will help you meet your colorful figures in the films! There are fantastic pages here; they are free to have fun as you want!

You can share the collection with others or print all the desired copies. Let’s start this colorful journey. If you are looking for coloring pages, then you are at the right place because we share many types of adult coloring pages like Christmas coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages, dog coloring pages, cat coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, horse coloring pages, and flowers coloring sheets.

New Mulan coloring pages


This first Mulan coloring page presents our main character itself, Mulan! Here it seems very pretty and elegant, and it is dressed with an umbrella with traditional clothing, so there are many details and various elements that you can color. Will you go with a favorite look of films, or are you creating a new look for Mulan?


Our second page has more than an action shot for Mulan! It seems to be in the middle of training while he has a graceful step with his sword. It is moving here at great speed, so we would use a shear in the background to create a movement behind it.


Now you dye a new character in addition to our hero Mulan, and this time he is the warrior Li Shang. He is a bold character who plays an important role in history and loves Mulan. It is shown in this beautiful picture while they hug themselves, and now it is up to them to end it with their colors!


Mushu The Dragon is popular in films because he has some funniest lines. Here he is held by Mulan and judged after her expressions that he just made one of his jokes! It is colored red and yellow, so you can create a bright point when its color is.


Mulan Zhou’s father is another important character in history and is present on the next page in this collection of free Mulan painting templates for children. There is a little wisdom here because they admire the leaves on a tree, so we would use softer colors and means if we placed them by color.


Mushu has returned with a close-up and has been laid with his friend Cricket! This page would be beautiful and bright if I went with its usual colors and would be well contrasted with the silent viola in which it is seen. Will you go with your usual colors, or do you give yourself a unique combination of colors?


Mulan looks very happy here while he runs at full speed. Is there a scene from the film that reminds you? If it exists, you can use this scene as inspiration and draw a background to combine the scene. It is an idea of what you could do, but what other ideas do you have?


The focus has returned to Mushu for this next picture. Let’s look at all the details here to offer many opportunities for a little fun. Remember that you can mix different artistic and technical means to bring out the details of this picture. How will you bring this picture of Mushu to life?


Mulan is a very intelligent and creative character shown in the next picture. He uses a brush here, which could be a great opportunity to use it a few times and brush agents. Some watercolor paints would be a fantastic choice because they create a softer image aspect that spends a quiet feeling. There are many types of colors you can use, so leave them.


Mulan coloring pages

The next printable Mulan color is a really funny scene. Mulan stands behind a traditional fan, and her cricket friend sits. These fans are often well decorated, and this has an empty room where you can add decorative elements. What kind of design would you create for the fan?


Grandmother FA is the next one who dyes it, and that’s funny. That brilliantly captures her lively personality. He holds a lantern in his hand, so it would be an idea to dye it with bright colors and means so that it looks like he is shining. If you have gone with this idea, you can also keep the rest of the dark and soft picture.


We have another picture of Li Shang for you; this time, we look at him well in his warrior dress. With so many small details, it can sometimes be difficult to color it, so you can use medium, e.g., B. colored pens or pens to get better control over your colors. The thin top brushes would also work!


Mushu takes the work as the owner of this gong very seriously! If you dye this when you adhere to the combination of colors of the film, you have the bright red of Mushu, in contrast to the gold of the gong. It would be a really brave and surprising picture to see!


Mulan is back on the run, and it is another picture that shows it during training. He looks down into that, and it could be an entertaining challenge to put on a character, maybe Mushu or criterion, that runs next to her! What other fins do you have?


We end this collection of Mulan painting templates with a peaceful picture of our hero. It is another great picture to which you can add a background and use a place where you relax to set it. Which scenes or soothing places can you think of in this last pose from Mulan?

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