Natural Solutions High Potency High Potency vitamin C Supplements

Our pets occasionally require a little assistance when their nutrition is insufficient or when their demands vary as a result of ageing or seasonal changes. In particular, High Potency vitamin C promotes skin tissue, keeps gums healthy, helps the body make several B vitamins, and is a great detoxifier to assist the body get rid of free radicals.

Under normal circumstances, dogs and cats will produce their own High Potency vitamin C from the food they eat, but occasionally they may require extra support in their diet. Since guinea pigs and certain other smaller animals cannot synthesise High Potency vitamin C on their own, they significantly benefit from a nutritious, natural food supplement.

High Strength The powder form of High Potency vitamin C makes it simple to use and is a natural food supplement. when your pet needs a high-quality supplement to promote their general health and wellbeing, sprinkle it daily on their diet.

Don’t all High Potency vitamin C supplements share a lot of similarities? In no way!

In order to combine the best  vitamin C sources available, Natural Animal Solutions® High Potency High Potency vitamin C has been carefully created in collaboration with naturopathic industry leaders. When properly combined, a complex formula yields synergistic values that are much higher overall. Since it has been pH-adjusted, this special formulation has been successfully utilised in our clinic for many years. Pets handle it quite well while still achieving maximum absorption rates for effectiveness. Small amounts are necessary because the formulation is so complicated.

Features Pharmaceutical grade with resveratrol, a potent antioxidant, and only needs to be taken in very little doses.

  • Various ascorbic acid sources for optimum absorption
  • Vitamins C and E are recycled by alpha lipoic acid, which increases its biological “longevity.”
  • a special mixture with pH adjustments that animals tolerate incredibly well
  • Has an excellent flavour, blends easily, and is free of fructose and other sweeteners. It is a mild formulation for those who are sensitive.


Citrus bioflavanoids extract, Rutin, Hesperidin, Quercetin, Polygonum cuspidatum (resveratrol), Calcium ascorbate, Magnesium ascorbate, Sodium ascorbate, Zinc ascorbate, Alpha lipoic acid.

Supplements for High Potency vitamin C from Bottoms Up Colonics

For your various needs, Bottomsup Colonics offers a variety of High Potency vitamin C supplements, including the following:

High concentration vitamin C powder

High concentration vitamin C powder from Australian Nutriceuticals called Vitality C does not affect the stomach. This High Potency vitamin C supplement has a pH level that is neutral, allowing for simple absorption into the bloodstream without aggravating stomach or diarrhoea issues. The product’s high doses—up to 4000mg—can be consumed by consumers.

The antioxidant effects of Bottomsup Colonics High Potency vitamin C powder are well known for supporting the immune system and helping to maintain connective tissues like skin and blood vessels. Additionally, the product has no binders, artificial colours, or preservatives and is created entirely from ascorbic acid.

Raw High Potency vitamin Code A supplement

Raw High Potency vitamin Code A supplement called High Potency vitamin C contains 500mg of High Potency vitamin C from an extract of 23 organically cultivated fruits and vegetables. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. The supplement contains no high heat, synthetic binders, fillers, flavours, sweeteners, colours, or additives.

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