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Online Video Conference : Best Way For Boosting Session Productivity

Video conferences have become an essential tool for hosting private meetings, summits, and other sorts of gatherings that take place over the internet. With the company’s policy of providing hybrid workspaces to their employees, there’s a need to track their daily performance. Additionally, with the advent of online conferences, it has become quite easy for companies to host regular meetings and private sessions. This blog is all about listing some of the prominent benefits of hosting online conferences.

Online Conferences: What  Makes Them So Popular?

Video conferencing requires the least amount of setup and takes place in real-time. For the professionals, it is part of their normal routine to carry on important discussions during the conference. In addition to this, with the help of online conference platforms, you can make maximum use of this concept. Furthermore, it allows you to show real-time data and facts to your remote employees. The kind of environment that video conferences create is truly informative for employers and attendees.


In a few steps, we’ll make you understand the working procedure of these online video conferences. Let’s explore how they work – 

  • Video conferencing is powered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The Internet may be used for seamless audio and video communication thanks to modern technology. VoIP transfers audio and visual signals between locations using codecs, a group of algorithms.
  • Think about a conference call in general. The microphone picks up an analog signal when someone starts speaking, whereas the camera picks up a video signal. These signals are digitally encoded and sent over the Internet using VoIP technology.
  • The digital signals are then converted by the decoders into audio and video signals, enabling those present at the other end to hear and watch the conference. Echo cancellation is a common technique used in video conferencing software to lessen any latency between the visual and audio feeds.

What Are the Prominent Benefits of Hosting Video Conferences? 

Here are some of the most popular benefits of using online video conferencing as a way to interact professionally.

Cost Effectiveness 

With online video conferencing platforms, you can host any type of meeting on the go. It is very convenient for the audience to join the meeting from any remote location. Additionally, there’s no need to travel to any sort of venue for the meeting. Furthermore, the cost of allowance, accommodation, and hidden charges also becomes null. For effectively running your business, time becomes of prime importance for the employer. Video conferencing cuts down on time waste and gives you real-time data and figures to help you think better.

Best Engagement Option 

Engagement is the key to ensuring active participation by the event attendees. With its real-time data analytics and ability to share screens during a live presentation, video conferencing has become highly engaging. While keeping in mind that your attendees don’t get bored during the session, video conferencing has a lot to offer. With powerful visuals, the consumption of information becomes easy and reliable.

Time-Saving Option 

With everything going over the Internet, you can easily join the meeting from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device. In addition to this, most online conferencing tools have screen-sharing features. With screen sharing, it becomes easy to represent data in multiple formats that are easily consumable by the audience. Some extra add-ons like screen recording, and sharing of notes and other documents, make these meetings worthwhile.

Working Remote 

Most modern tech companies prefer a hybrid work culture. With online conferencing tools, companies can easily get in touch with their employees. In addition to this, they are having regular meetings and sessions with them. Right from assigning a daily task, to rectifying mistakes and engaging in fruitful discussions, meetings are doing their job very well.

Some Limitations Of Video Conferencing 

There are some minor limitations when you switch to video conferencing to hold real-time face-to-face meetings. These are – 

  • as everything is happening over the internet, chances of running into technical glitches increase marginally. In addition to this, if you’re not familiar with solving issues your live session will become unproductive for most of the employees.
  • The second limitation is the actual cost of the supportive hardware you need for your conference. In case you’re planning to host your conference on your laptop, you need a high-quality streaming camera for better results.
  • No matter how many features they provide they’ll lack in providing an in-person feel and comfort to your event attendees.

Let’s Conclude 

Online conferences are the best way to carry out all types of professional gatherings, which include meetings and summits. AGMs and others.  Video conferencing will spread and change how businesses communicate both internally and publicly. Video calls will aid in removing geographical boundaries as remote and dispersed workforces become the norm.