Take care of your daily nutritional needs with these best multivitamins

More and more people have started incorporating multivitamin tablets in their everyday routine. They come packed with all the essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you may not get from your daily diet. If you are someone who is reading a lot about multivitamin tablets on the internet, then this is the perfect blog for you. We recommend that you shouldn’t start consuming any new multivitamins just by reading about them. Consult your doctor to know which is the best multivitamin for men and which one of them would be suitable for you. 

Benefits of multivitamin tablets 

Some of the main benefits of multivitamin tablets are – 

  • Boost immunity 
  • Improve vitality and support sexual wellbeing 
  • Support eye, brain, heart, and prostate health 
  • Help with healthy aging 
  • Reduce fatigue and tiredness 
  • Improve exercise performance and stamina 
  • Keep energy levels up through the day 
  • Rich antioxidant formula prevents damage caused by free radicals 

Check out these 5 Best multivitamin for men and women to support overall health and wellbeing. 

  1. GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin 

GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin is one of the best multivitamin for men available in India. As the name suggests these multivitamin tablets by GNC are ideal for everyday use by adult men. It is enriched with 37 essential nutrients that are needed by the body for various functions. It provides 14 vitamins and minerals at 100% RDA.

Some of the main benefits are – 

  • it has nutrients like choline and inositol to support brain health
  • it is enriched with B group vitamins to support healthy metabolism and keep energy levels up throughout the day
  • boosts immunity  and fuels skeletal muscles
  • improves athletic performance
  • It contains the right conjugation of electrolytes to replace the loss due to sweat in heavy workouts and it also prevents muscle cramping. 
  • has the goodness of lutein and zeaxanthin to support eye health
  • helps to maintain overall wellbeing in men 

As a dietary supplement, take one tablet daily with breakfast or lunch or follow the instructions of your doctor. 

  1. GNC Mega Men 50 Plus Multivitamin 

With age your nutritional requirements keep changing and you cannot just rely on your daily diet to get all the nutrients. That’s why it is recommended to include premium quality multivitamin tablets in your routine. If you are a man above the age of 50 years looking to support your daily nutritional requirements, then GNC Mega Men 50 Plus would be the perfect multivitamin for you. It is considered one of the best multivitamin for men because it is potent, pure, and delivers amazing results. It is enriched with the goodness of 37 essential nutrients with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. 

The main benefits are – 

  • has an advanced antioxidant blend that helps fight against cell damage and oxidative stress caused due to free radicals
  • supports your cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of heart problems
  • strengthens the immune system 
  • helps maintain energy levels so that you can push through your workouts 
  • supports colon health and is beneficial for prostate health
  • helps to maintain overall health and wellbeing in men above the age of 50 years

As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets daily, one tablet with breakfast and one with lunch or mid-morning snack.

  1. GNC Women’s One Daily Multivitamin 

Now that we have talked about the best multivitamin for men, let’s talk about multivitamin tablets for women as well. One of the bestselling formulas is GNC Women One Daily Multivitamin. True to its name, it is ideal for adult women and with one tablet you get the goodness of various essential nutrients. It has the goodness of 32 powerful ingredients in a premium blend.  

The main benefits of these multivitamin tablets are – 

  • enriched with ingredients like biotin and hydrolyzed collagen which provide a natural support for healthy and radiant skin
  • support your immune health and boost immunity 
  • is rich in antioxidants to prevent the damage caused by free radicals and control signs of aging 
  • has lutein and zeaxanthin which support eye health
  • help maintain energy levels throughout the day

As a dietary supplement, take one tablet of GNC Women’s One Daily Multivitamin daily with food.

  1. MucleBlaze Biozyme Daily Multivitamin 

The benefit of a daily multivitamin is that you can consume one dose and are sorted for the day. These multivitamin tablets also help to bridge the gap between your diet and your daily nutritional requirement and reduce the chance of deficiency. One of the best multivitamins for women in India is MuscleBlaze Biozyme Daily Multivitamin. It has an Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF) to ensure 50% higher protein absorption and to keep stomach issues at bay. 

Some of the other benefits of this multivitamin are – 

  • it comes loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and has 100% RDA of vitamin B1, B3, B6 iron, and zinc 
  • joint blend – it has nutrients that support joint health, reduce inflammation, and assist in joint flexibility and mobility 
  • has potent herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, tribulus, fenugreek extract, safed museli, and ginseng extract to increase body’s testosterone levels and improve muscle mass.

It is a unisex supplement ideal for both men and women. As a dietary supplement, take one sachet (which contains 3 tablets) daily or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner. 

  1. MuscleBlaze MB-VITE Daily Multivitamin 

Next best multivitamin for men is MuscleBlaze MB-VITE Daily Multivitamin. You can trust its advanced formula and premium quality to deliver great results. The formula is designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of adult men with an active lifestyle. It has the goodness of more than 50 powerful ingredients and 6 potent blends. 

The main benefits are – 

  • Vitamin and mineral blend – it comes loaded with 100% RDA of key immunity boosters like Vitamin C, D, A, E and Zinc
  • antioxidant blend – features lycopene, ginseng, beetroot extracts, grape seed extracts, and citrus bioflavonoids to prevent harmful effects of free radicals
  • metabolism blend – it has black pepper to kick start your metabolism and prevents fat accumulation in the body
  • enzyme blend – papain, lipase, and amylase come together to aid digestion and help regulate metabolic functions
  • amino acid blend – has the goodness of 3 BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine to support intense training and reduce fatigue
  • prebiotic and probiotic blend – helps in restoring healthy gut flora

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with food. 

Keep in mind to follow the dosage instructions mentioned on each pack of multivitamin tablets. Do not consume excess amounts, as doing so may trigger allergic reactions and can also cause side effects. If you are pregnant, a nursing mother, or someone with a chronic health condition, then we recommend that you consult your doctor and only then take multivitamin tablets.