The 5 Best Hijab Brands That You Can Shop Online

The 5 Best Hijab Brands That You Can Shop Online

The essentiality of wearing a hijab in the Islamic culture does not need any introduction. In recent years, most Muslim women have included hijab in their lifestyle. The increasing popularity of the hijab can be seen in its growing demand on most online labels. Muslimahs are conveniently buying hijabs through various offline and online hijab stores. 

Hijabs are worn in a sophisticated and fashionable manner. They have increasingly evolved into a headscarf as well as fashion statements. Due to the rise of modest fashion, several fashion brands offer headscarves, such as shawls, square scarves, and pinless hijabs. These styles are both functional and fashionable, so you’ll be able to complement your outfit with a finely made hijab that expresses your individuality.

In this article, we’ve selected some of the best fashion brands that you must know while shopping for your next hijab. Stay tuned for more information! 

List of the 5 Best Hijab Brands

From silk hijabs to colorful shawls, these hijab labels offer luxurious hijabs for different styles and occasions. 

Haute Hijab

Launched in 2010, Haute Hijab offers comfortable, quality hijabs that make Muslimah feel confident. For Muslim women around the world, this hijab label provides the most luxurious hijab collection, allowing them to wear the head covering for both informal and formal occasions. Some of their premium hijabs come with glitter, beads, pearls, and flowery lace, including the Vintage Gold, Rose Gold Aurora, Black Tie Lace, and Ethereal Ivory. Besides, the fabric is made of tulle, lace, and only pure silk; the pearls are handmade. The brand offers unparalleled quality hijabs & accessories that are made from best-in-class materials.

Galeri Ariani

Galeri Ariani is a Malaysian hijab brand that debuted in April 2008. This luxury headscarf company works to produce a variety of Muslimah products based on three principles: modesty, modernity, and exclusivity. They sell luxury hijabs, scarves, underscarves, and ready-to-wear clothing such as pants and trousers, coats, shirts, skirts, and many more items. Known as a one stop shop for all your Muslimah wear needs, Galeri Ariani has something to offer for every occasion. Their customer assistance team assists you in finding the perfect style that fits your personality. 


Another name on our list of the best hijab brands is Innersejuk. Innersejuk is the go-to brand for Muslimahs who are looking to expand their collection of trendy and luxury scarves. Also one of the best and most well-known producers of athletic hijabs. Their hijabs and inners are crafted from a home grown fabric that is sweat wicking, cooling, and durable. These scarves are made to meet the requirements of Muslim sportswomen. Innersejuk hijabs are the most sought-after product among Muslim women because they are comfortable, luxurious, and reasonably priced. Read Innersejuk Review using this link to learn more about this reputable hijab brand.  The 5 Best Hijab Brands That You Can Shop Online


In 2014, Malaysian businesswoman Vivy Sofinas Yusof founded Duck. This hijab label offers five product lines, including scarves, cosmetics, stationery, bags, and home & lifestyle; however, the brand’s original focus is on making well-branded hijab scarves. Beautifully designed scarves from Duck are available in various fabrics, including satin, crepe, georgette, and chiffon, and come in different color options. While all of their headscarves are pretty, the Limited Edition collection set it apart from the contenders. Every Duck collection is one of a kind, and their scarf is designed with interesting local patterns, world maps, Swarovski crystals, and traditional Malaysian sweets.

Tudung People

Launched online in 2011, Tudung People is a Malaysian hijab company offering a range of high quality hijabs, including luxury, instant, printed, and more. The brand stocks it all:

  • Silk-blend scarves for the drape
  • Japanese cotton twill scarves for comfort
  • Crepe scarves for a feminine aesthetic

Every collection of Tudung People, whether large shawls or square scarves, comes with Swarovski crystals or is left plain and deserves a place in your closet! They also sell a variety of accessories such as scrunchies, planners & organizers, triple layer face masks, and bridal accessories. In addition to Malaysia, Tudung People also has distributors in Singapore, Brunei, the United States, Japan, and Australia. 

Fashion and Trends in Hijab

The following is a selection of the most well-liked hijab fashion and trends:

  • Almost all sorts of hijabs can be accessorized with brooches and pins. You can decorate your hijab with glittering ornaments, and they look stunning.
  • Despite the controversy, turban hijabs are an everyday fashion among Muslimah. 
  • Hijabs are often elegantly paired with other accessories, such as hats, earrings, and different kinds of jewelry.
  • Hijabs with many embroidery patterns and jewelry are now required attire for casual occasions.
  • For Muslim athletes, the sports hijab is the latest fashion trend.
  • Little Muslim girls also wear hijabs as well. These cute hijabs are also available. 
  • Lastly, green hijabs or eco-friendly hijabs are designed for wearers who care about the planet.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hijab Brands

Needless to say, the hijab is an essential part of a Muslim women’s dress. So, make sure you are buying it from the best hijab brands. Though there are many hijab stores available both online and offline, the aforementioned labels have impressed us with their quality, price, and customer service. Furthermore, these options offer various types of hijabs and ensure shopping without any hassles. Thus, your decision to invest your money and time with these brands won’t be wasted. Hope this article gives you relevant information about the best hijab brands on the market.