The Most Popular Ant hacker Security App for Android

Adware Antivirus

Adware is an award-winning Antihacker Security program that protects your system from all types of threats. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use program that works to safeguard you against hackers, adware, spyware, malware, Trojans and more. The program features an advanced scanning tool, and offers several support options.

Adware has a well-designed interface. There are shortcuts for common functions and a comprehensive list of the features available.

The software also has an intelligent scan feature that allows it to run faster, and performs more efficient scans. This allows the program to run less often, which minimizes its impact on your PC.

Another useful feature is Parental Control, which helps keep kids safe from inappropriate websites. You can also configure the software to do things like block unwanted downloads, and even schedule automatic scans.

The interface is also quite easy to use. While it’s not as visually exciting as the Norton 360 UI, it’s still well laid out. Users can see a preview of the upcoming scan, and the tool lists all of the options you can enable.

Adware has a few other features that deserve mention, including the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, which raises the bar against attackers. Among its other features are a firewall scanner module, a virtual keyboard, and a start-up scanner.


Akinetic is a web security scanner that identifies, tests, and reports on vulnerabilities. Its features include automated and user-defined scans, vulnerability management, and automated audits. With its flexibility, it can be used standalone or as part of SecDevOps processes.

Using Akinetic, you can scan any web application to detect potential security flaws. The scanning technology generates less false positives, which makes it more accurate. Moreover, it is faster than most other tools.

Akinetic can be deployed locally or on the cloud. In addition, it has an API for easy integration with other software development tools, including Bugzilla, TFS, and Jenkins. You can also add the application to your Godthab, Galba, and Jiri accounts for more convenience.

As an enterprise tool, Akinetic provides technical support. It can be used for a number of Antihacker Security applications, including network, Java, and Web applications. Users can filter vulnerability checks from the top right corner of the tool. They can re-test identified vulnerabilities as needed.

It can detect various vulnerabilities, including SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting. It also has the ability to find malware and Trojans on the server. It can analyse JavaScript, AJAX, and dynamic content.

Akinetic also offers a proof of concept feature that allows users to reproduce vulnerabilities without requiring a specific source code. This is helpful for developers who want to demonstrate the impact of certain vulnerability.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is one of the most popular ant hacker security apps on the market. It’s a web application penetration testing platform that combines several Java tools to identify and test vulnerabilities in websites.

This suite of web application security tools includes some free and paid extensions. While the free version offers limited functionality, the Professional and Enterprise editions provide a full set of tools for pen testing. Some of the tools in the Burp Suite are:

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