Unicharts EMR


If you are a physician in need of a new EMR, Unicharts may be exactly what you are looking for. In fact, the software can be easily customized to suit your needs, while being able to integrate with a practice management system. There are also a wide variety of medical specialties that you can choose to have the software cover.

Customization options

UniCharts EMR software is a full-featured EMR system that can be customized to meet the needs of any medical practice. The software is suitable for small, midsize, and large healthcare practices. It is also available as a browser-based solution.

A trial version is available for users to test the software. This gives users a feel for the software before committing to a purchase.

UniCharts is an industry-standard EMR. It is fully customizable, and allows physicians to modify the charts and add their own sections. Users can also create custom reports. Moreover, the software is able to store a variety of images.

In addition, UniCharts EMR includes an audit trail. As a result, it is ideal for recording complex patient visits accurately. Moreover, it has been used by physicians in a wide range of specialties.

With the help of UniCharts EMR, physicians can create customized reports and dashboards. It also offers handwriting recognition and practice management tools. Moreover, it is ONC certified.

Ease of use

Whether or not you are in the market for an EMR system, you’ll want to take a look at the usability of your potential purchase. The HIMSS organization has developed a few key metrics to measure the quality of your chosen product. However, it’s important to understand that not all systems were created equal. You’ll need to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of your selected system to make an informed decision.

There are five primary metrics that HIMSS developed to evaluate the usability of an EMR system. These include: ease of learning, efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction. Each of these factors is associated with the overall score for the system.

For ease of learning, authors looked at the time it took users to become proficient with the system. Their study included 19 EMR systems from around the world. Researchers found that some were easier to learn than others.

In the efficiency department, speed was defined as the speed at which the user completed the task. They measured this metric using a radar graph. A total percentage score was then calculated.

Integration with practice management software

Electronic medical records (EMR) can help your practice in several ways. For instance, they’ll save you time on paperwork and allow you to re-use patient information. They’re also a handy tool for onboarding new patients.

UniCharts EMR software offers unparalleled flexibility. It supports numerous file formats, including PDF and JPG. Additionally, the program’s Setup Wizard guides you through the installation process.

It also includes a scheduling tool. This allows your staff to book appointments and check in patients remotely. You can also set reminders and send text messages to your patients.

The software’s backup and restore features enable you to easily backup and restore all your data. It can even be backed up to your local hard drive. Alternatively, you can use the backup feature to save your whole EMR system to another location.

You can export your patient data in PDF format. You can also export your entire collection of charts. If you’re not interested in using the system’s native file formats, you can export your data in XML.

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Wide range of medical specialties

UniCharts EMR software is one of the most versatile electronic medical record systems available. It is ideal for both small physician practices and consultants. The software allows the practice to customize charts, add custom data fields, and share patient information between providers.

The system is browser-based, which offers several benefits over traditional thick-client systems. Additionally, the browser-based architecture allows users to monitor and manage the system easily.

It is also very easy to customize. Users can create their own templates for different specialties, as well as new folders for organization. For instance, a cardiologist may want to create a separate folder for ECG reports.

If a practice is looking for a system that will allow them to document phone calls directly onto the patient record, UniCharts is a good choice. It also includes a faxing feature.

This EMR system has an auto-update utility, which will automatically update the database when new information is added. Also, the system has an easy scheduling function. It can schedule appointments from 15 minutes to 90 minutes, as well as parallel slots.