There is medical insurance for pets

There is medical insurance for pets

Pets, just like humans, can also have insurance that protects them when they need it most. Thus, if you are not very sure if there are these types of policies for the animals that live with us, the answer is yes and, in addition, the insurance companies offer a diverse range of insurance depending on the coverage you want to contract to care for your pet, according to their needs and yours.

Whoever has a pet, it is a fact that they want the best for it. Since we cannot 100% avoid what happens to our pets, such as an illness or an accident, taking out pet insurance is the best alternative to cover this type of situation.

Within any pet insurance, there are always several coverages that are focused on the healing aspect of the animal, such as:

  • Veterinary assistance for the pet as a result of an accident or illness. This service usually includes the costs of consultations, medication, diagnostic tests, surgical interventions, laboratory analysis, hospitalization, veterinary assistance at home, etc.
  • By taking out a policy of this type, the insured also has access to a wide network of veterinary centers and hospitals where they can go with their pet for any reason.
  • In the event that the owner of the animal has to spend a few days hospitalized, these insurances also contemplate the stay of the animal in a residence during the time that the insured cannot take care of it.
  • Veterinary guidance telephone service on different topics, such as education, food, vaccines, etc.
  • Coverage for slaughter and disposal of the carcass if the animal dies due to accident, old age, or illness.

In any case, it is always convenient to review the points related to medical protection before taking out pet insurance. In this way, we will know to what extent and in which cases our animal will have adequate veterinary assistance.

However, in general, in order to enjoy the benefits of this type of insurance, it is likely that a series of requirements must be met, such as:

  • The age of the animal must be between 3 months and 9 years. In the event that the pet is 7 years old or older, the insurance company may not offer the option of accessing veterinary assistance coverage.
  • Despite the fact that the animal is of the required age, it will always be mandatory to present a statement about its state of health when signing the policy contract.
  • It is also important to take into account that pets must be properly registered and identified with a microchip according to current legislation.
  • To benefit from the advantages of pet insurance, it is also necessary for the owner of the animal to commit to following the established vaccination schedule.
  • Regarding the grace period in these insurances, it is usually approximately 15 days to be able to make use of veterinary assistance.

Although we have some knowledge in the matter, it never hurts to have the support of a group of professionals who offer us a veterinary service so that the pet is always well protected. What Is Dog Health Insurance?

What is Medical Insurance for dogs?

Dog health insurance is becoming an option that is increasingly valued by owners. And it is that it is inevitable that, sooner or later, in a milder or more serious way, our dog ends up visiting the vet.

Sometimes it is an expense that the owners try to delay for fear of the expenses that may arise, but it is a counterproductive decision, since the condition of the dog can worsen, which ultimately implies an increase in expenses and in the risk to its health.

Having insurance is a good option to control these unexpected events without upsetting the family budget. In addition, civil liability insurance, which covers damage to third parties, is mandatory in case of living with breeds designated as potentially dangerous.

types of insurance

There are different types of insurance depending on the needs that you and your pet require. It is very common for insurance companies to allow you to select different coverages and contract a unified insurance that includes several types of insurance in single insurance.

    • Liability insurance for dogs

This insurance is mandatory for potentially dangerous dogs in Spain (PPP ). This means that the owners of the rest of the breeds do not have to hire him, but they can if they consider it necessary. It is important to note that this insurance does not cover damage that the dog itself may suffer.

    • Health or sickness insurance for dogs

This type of insurance offers coverage for certain veterinary expenses of the dog up to a previously set limit. The assistance may or may not be in subsidized veterinary centers, which tends to modify the coverage limits.

Unlike civil liability insurance, this insurance is not mandatory, however, it is interesting since it normally covers expenses for consultations and surgical interventions derived from diseases. It does not deal with more common, economic, and periodic expenses, such as deworming, vaccinations, or microchipping. In other words, it is useful insurance to face high expenses in unexpected situations.

    • dog accident insurance

This insurance covers the costs of veterinary assistance for the dog in the event of an accident, including the amounts derived from its death, euthanasia, and cremation if, unfortunately, it fails to recover from its injuries. Dog insurance always pays up to a previously established maximum limit. If it is exceeded, the extra amount will have to be paid by the caregiver.

Some accident insurance also covers the costs derived from theft or loss.

    • health plans

This is an alternative to insurance since it is oriented toward preventive medicine. Thus, the plans can include veterinary procedures that are not usually contemplated in current health insurance, always up to a certain maximum amount.

Why hire one?

The main advantage of taking out insurance is to face unexpected expenses without involving a high and sudden financial outlay. In this way, the insurance will be in charge of paying veterinary expenses, including euthanasia and cremation, judicial bonds, and stays in kennels.

In some cases, these insurances also offer free telephone assistance and attention abroad, which allows you to travel with more peace of mind.

These are the basic benefits of insurance:

  1. Protection and help in the face of a good number of incidents.
  2. The peace of mind of having control of veterinary expenses.
  3. The possibility of adopting a PPP, since it is essential for them to have civil liability insurance, among other requirements.

How much does dog insurance cost?

The price for insurance for your pet depends on the coverage you want to take out, as well as the characteristics of your dog. Therefore, the more features, the higher the price.

It is also possible to combine several insurances, the final amount may fluctuate. As an example, it is possible to find insurance for more than €300 a year, while others do not exceed €20. You can find very complete insurance for less than one euro a day with accident, health, and civil liability coverage.

In general, as they are policies between €70 and €250, they are usually a single payment, and the dog is covered throughout the year. You can calculate what the insurance would cost you on our website, in this way you will have an estimate of the cost and savings of having insurance of these characteristics.

At Medical Policy we have highly trained advisors who can help you make the best decision on the ideal insurance for your pet.

If you have decided to hire him, visit our website or contact us. We can inform you about the coverage and the best prices for insurance from all companies. global air bowl