Cake Boxes

Want A Perfect Packaging Solution for Your Cakes? Read This Article

Cakes need no introduction because they are the favorite of many people. No celebration is complete without cutting a delicious cake. They come in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and butter flavor. If you also provide cakes and face difficulty in designing packaging, this article is best for you. The best packaging boxes for your cakes are custom boxes. This is because they are easy to design per your requirements. The best feature of these boxes is that they are food friendly. Sometimes packaging can disrupt the taste of your cakes with its toxic odor of chemicals. That’s why use food-friendly boxes for cakes. These boxes are easy to print in any color of your choice. You can also print bakery details to promote your cake business.

Food Grade Packaging

Food quality should be your top priority. Customers don’t like to eat contaminated cakes. You should provide them with fresh cakes if you want to expect future orders. Most food-grade boxes are made of Kraft and cardboard boxes. You should get these boxes for your cakes. These custom cake boxes are strong enough to protect cakes against damage.

Many bakeries get Kraft boxes for their cakes. You should also get these boxes because they are made of natural materials. As no chemicals are used in the manufacturing of these boxes, there are no chances of food contamination. These boxes will in fact protect your cakes against dust, moisture, pathogens, and insects. Customers will buy from you again if you offer them cakes in packaging that reflects the freshness of your cakes.

Theme Relevant Color

When you visit a bakery, you can see that custom-designed cake boxes of various styles are available. Most of the time, they design bakery boxes per the theme of their business. For example, if the theme color of their bakery is pink, they will color the cake packaging accordingly. However, if you offer personalized cakes to customers, you will need personalized packaging as well.

Furthermore, if you want to increase sales during the holiday season, you should get Wholesale Cake Boxes. These boxes should be designed per the theme of the celebration. You can print white, red, and green colors on the cake Christmas boxes. For packaging Halloween cakes, dark and spooky colors are perfect to choose from. Other than that, you can print cake packaging per the theme of the birthday celebration as well. Many people like to get mini cake treats for special birthday parties. You can make it more special by offering cake treats in mini packaging boxes. Also, color these boxes per the theme of a birthday party.

Cake Boxes

Gold/Silver Foiling

The premium-looking cake boxes are the life of celebrations. You can use gold or silver foil to give a metallic touch to cake packaging. Suppose your customers want white boxes for wedding cakes, you can give them a royal touch with metallic foiling. You can also highlight the name or logo of your bakery using foiling techniques. Many bakeries get royal packaging using foiling together with the embossing technique. This gives the packaging one of a kind appearance. Whether you want to design the borders of cake packaging or give it a full wash of metallic foiling, the latest techniques are always available for you.

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Innovative Printing

The versatile printing techniques are very helpful in designing cake boxes. You can use these techniques to print brand details for cake packaging. If you offer retail cakes, you should mention all the details on the packaging. Customers prefer to read the nutritional value and expiry date of your cakes. That’s why you should mention these details using printing techniques. Besides that, you can attract your target customers by printing graphics and images. When you give a 3D touch to the printed elements, customers find it very difficult to ignore your cakes. You can also print to ease customers in understanding the delicious flavor of your cakes. Custom printing will make your cakes distinguishable from competitors.

Cake Boxes

Window Cutting

Cakes are mostly placed in window boxes. You can also cut windows on personalized cake boxes. Customers will feel tempted towards your cakes by looking through the window cuts. You can make your cake packaging more attractive by cutting a window in unique shapes and sizes. You can cover the window with a transparent PVC sheet. It will protect cakes against dust, insects, bacteria, and other damage. Furthermore, the window will give customers a glimpse of your delicious cakes. Customers can easily have a look at your cakes without feeling the need to open the packaging. It will save them as well as your time.


The last but not least step in designing wholesale cake boxes is the coating. It will preserve the prints for a longer period. There are many coating options to choose from. For example, there is a coating that gives a glossy texture to custom cake packaging. The glossy coating also protects cake packaging against humidity. Other than that, the matte coating is also available to give cake packaging boxes a classy appearance. If you want to protect cakes against lethal sun rays, UV spot coating is also available. All these steps will lead you to the perfect Customized Boxes for your cakes. Many professional bakeries keep the above-mentioned points in mind while designing custom bakery boxes.